What’s it like when you move to another country – different language, different culture and a very different world? Well, if you’re like me: adventurous, curious and always asking questions; then you never know what might happen. One day you have a monkey on your head and the next there’s baby goats in the car. You find your way to the waterfall and walk barefoot like a jungle woman.

In the process you learn about the medicinal use of pee. You learn that sea turtles float when they are mating. You wonder about the whirlwind of birds above you. Which takes you up the mountain to one of the only 3 “mega-hawkwatch” sites in the world. You are charmed by a “catman” who is older than dirt and deaf as a post. And you occasionally make an illegal border crossing in a hand cut canoe.

These are my stories – enjoy!

Dangerous Dieffenbachia and the use of PeeIn the jungle, common sense is key. I use whatever common sense I can muster, but sometimes it just eludes me. That was the case one day at the waterfall, when I was attacked by a plant! It was my fault, really – I threw the first punch.

Chill and Go with the Flow – A Jungle Beach Adventure – The biggest life lesson I’ve learned, through my experience in Costa Rica, is to chill and go with the flow. Control is an illusion.

Las Vistas Lindas – Gorgeous Mountain Drive – one of my absolute favorite things to do in Costa Rica, an afternoon mountain drive. Driving with the top down and soaking up the incredible views with my Salsa music blasting – life just doesn’t get any better. Come on along.


The Secret Way Around San Jose

The Cat Man

Big Waves

The Hawk Hike

Do you like Chocolate?

Hike to the Mirador

Bike Ride to Boat Ride

Fun at the Waterfall