Hidden Jungle Beach House

Costa Rica Jungle Guest HouseGUEST HOUSE

Shared Kitchen and Bath           $30.00 single – $40.00 couple

Hola, I’m Lisa Valencia, your host at Hidden Jungle Beach House. I’m a writer and Costa Rica guide, living in Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean side since 2007. I’ll tell you how my lovely guest house came to be.

In November 2011, after four years in Costa Rica seeking a sustainable lifestyle, this jungle house fell into my lap. The great location inspired me to make it into a Guest House. It would work well with my Guide Service. I could share my love for Costa Rica with my clients and provide a nice place to stay.

Seven years later I’m still happy with the decision.

I love the lifestyle of a host in this tranquil jungle setting.

I love the place. This house is so comfortable and pleasant.

I love the jungle with it’s iridescent Blue Morpho Butterflys, exotic birds chirping, sloths right outside the window and the ever pounding waves on the nearby shore.

I love the people. Our place attracts interesting people from all over the world. I’ve hosted guests from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United States, Venezuela and of course Costa Rica.

      We’ve hosted a zoo keeper, scientist, anthropologist, psychologist, actors, a screen writer, doctors, lawyers and an Indian. The French ladies stayed up all night and cleaned my kitchen; the chef from Denver made some delicious meals; the Venezuelan Minister of Agriculture told me how to improve my composting and a famous American psychic gave me good news about my future. Some come to vacation, others come to start a new life and many are in transition. Those in transition are in Costa Rica on an inner journey to discover how they can change their lives and find a happier, better way to live. Some have completed their education, are working in their chosen field but living the stressful, big city life. Others are at the beginning or end of their career and not sure what to do next. Our natural surroundings and quiet tranquility provide a perfect place to be pensive and give thought to the future. I am happy to share my journey and support others on their way.

I love my job. I’m constantly working on the place to make it more pleasant and comfortable for my guests. With the help of my new husband (married November 2016) I’ve painted and remodeled the rooms. We’ve repaired and refreshed things too numerous to recount. We’ve planted flowers, put in walkways and made the place into a house we enjoy sharing. See for yourself!


Hidden Jungle Beach House is a typical Caribbean style wooden house with three levels. The fully equipped kitchen is on the first floor. It is spacious and open, with jungle all around. The grocery store is only a short jaunt away so you can buy what you need and cook it here. We share use of the kitchen and bathrooms with our guests. The bathroom with the shower in on the first floor. Four bedrooms are on the second. And the third floor is our room Tree Top Room with windows on all four walls looking out into the jungle!

The Rooms: The second floor of Hidden Jungle Beach House has four bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and outdoor porch. There’s comfortable space with books to read, or TV to watch but most prefer to gaze out on the wonders of nature. The bedrooms are simple. We have two rooms for couples and two rooms for singles. Our Tree Top Room for a couple or an individual, is on the third floor. There are screens on the windows, to keep out the bugs. Each room has a place to hang clothes, some storage and a fan, along with clean sheets and towels. If you are looking for a lovely, economical place to stay in the quiet tranquility of the jungle but close to fun and activity, Hidden Jungle Beach House is the place for you.

Hidden Jungle Beach House is truly Puerto Viejo’s hidden treasure. You’ll love it’s relaxed and friendly vibe. You’ll sleep cozy and comfortable in the arms of mother nature. You’ll wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys, cute little geckos and a million different kinds of colorful birds.

Helpful suggestions on where to go and what to do are provided by your delightful hosts, myself and my husband, Christian. We know the area well and can give you lots of good advice.



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