Costa Rica Transportation: Rafting!

Costa Rica Raft Trip



Yes! You can take a raft trip from San Jose to Puerto Viejo. Well… you are not on a raft all the way. That would take too long and besides, the river does not flow from there to here. You take a van with the raft company, Exploradores, to the beautiful Pacuare river, they give you breakfast, take you out for half a day, give you lunch and then deliver you safely to Puerto Viejo in time for dinner. Costa Rica Raft Trip

Many of my guests have arrived this way – or made the return trip back to San Jose – and they loved it. I have taken this raft trip four times and it was great fun. It reminded me very much of rafting at Glacier National Park, back in Montana where I am from: the charming guides, the equipment, the rules, even the guides jokes were the same. Of course the terrain was fascinatingly different.

Costa Rica Raft Trip

I highly recommend this as a memorable way of getting from San Jose to the Caribbean and a great introduction to Costa Rica. The raft company gives you lockers to keep your baggage safe while on the river. They give you a great breakfast and lunch. They stop and let you swim in a most lovely and pristine place. And it is a pretty good deal – $99.00 per person.

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