Costa Rica Business: Guest House for Sale

Here’s more details on the Costa Rica Lifestyle for Sale:

We are in lower center of photo, right side of the small street – two buildings with jungle all around.

Besides the fact that we offer a beautiful, comfortable and safe place to live and run a business, close to the beach – besides that! – we have some unique advantages.

Location – Solitude                                             Secluded yet close to everything. a One minute walk from the beach in the Puerto Viejo area. Five minute walk to the town of Puerto Viejo with many good restaurants, nice shops and bars with live music. A perfect location for activities, yet hidden away in the jungle, surrounded by nature. We have sloths and iguanas in the trees, cute little agoutis running in the yard, Blue Morpho butterflies fluttering by, all kinds of tropical birds and the sound of the waves lulls us to sleep. Our location makes us unique. There are very few other places in the area with such a great location.

Location – Beach                                                  We are in the only place where you can swim and still be close to town. The town of Puerto Viejo is on the beach but it’s made from coral all around and not a good place to swim. There are other beaches but they’re too far to walk into town. Our place is a one minute walk to Playa Negra, the exotic black sand beach. It’s great for swimming with lots of open sandy beach to sunbathe.

Our Guest House is always full because of our location. People love the convenience of the beach and the town nearby and they love to sleep in the peaceful jungle.

Location – Development                                        Being on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica is another advantage. The Pacific side was “discovered” 20 years ago. It has developed and over developed. Basically – it’s saturated. Prices are high and most people say it’s too commercial and touristy.
Today the Caribbean side is developing at a rapid rate. A new shipping port is being built in the nearby city of Limon. There’s been a large financial investment to expand Limon International Airport. Construction is booming. And  the highway between the Caribbean coast and Costa Rica’s capital city is being improved to handle the new influx of tourism. Property value is on the rise.

Areal View of Puerto ViejoHere is the town of Puerto Viejo. We are on the far right of this photo, back off the main road.

HIdden Jungle Beach House view from aboveThis photo was taken from above. We are below in the jungle. Puerto Viejo is on the right, jutting out into the ocean.

Security – This is important anywhere in Central America. When buying property one must consider the ease or difficulty of access to a potential thief. We are located on a side street, just off the main road into town. It’s a dead end, which keeps out traffic. There are neighbors nearby, which makes us safer. (Remote locations are always more vulnerable.) We have a good secure gate and fencing. The interior of the property is not visible from the street. We have never been robbed.

Water SupplyWe always have water. Some places do not. In many parts of Costa Rica the infrastructure is faulty. Our property is in an area supported by the local municipal aqueduct system. We have a good water supply. This is a great advantage over property in other nearby locations. The municipal water system does not reach most of the other local towns. These areas are subject to water rationing. And private wells dry up in the summer. I’m pleased to say that we never have that problem!

Hidden Jungle Beach House – Our Guest House


Casita Azul – Our Private House

Authentic Caribbean Charm – We’re not just another hotel – our place is unique. Both homes on our property are authentic Caribbean family homes with an open air design for outdoor living and the colorful appeal of a tropical beach house. Indoors the warmth of wood comforts you while the tranquility of nature flows in through large open windows. And outdoors you’ll find various comfortable places to relax around the yard, where you’ll spot a sloth and some lovely birds and butterflies. Both homes have been renovated and updated to provide a comfortable standard of living – excellent WIFI, all new wiring and more.

Costa Rica Residency– And last but not least, the purchase of our property qualifies a single person or a couple for residency in Costa Rica. One can own property in Costa Rica without being a legal resident but then you must leave the country every three months to renew your permission to stay. As a resident you may stay as long as you want and are free to come and go quite easily. There are other legal advantages to being a resident, as well.

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