Costa Rica Living – Personal Consultation

What’s it like, living on Costa Rica’s Caribbean? How hot does it really get? Do I have to be able to speak Spanish? I can answer many of your questions in a phone consultation or a personal meeting.

How do you handle the money exchange? Do they take U.S. dollars in Costa Rica?

Can I get good health care? Are there doctors or hospitals nearby?

What about crime, is it safe in Puerto Viejo?

Where is the best place to live?

Are the people friendly?

What’s the cost of living in the Puerto Viejo area? Can I rent a house cheaply?

Can I buy groceries and get what I usually buy at home?

How reliable is the internet?

What about transportation? Do I need a car?

What is the food like?

People are always asking me questions and after living in Costa Rica for ten years, I can answer most all of them. Visitors in Puerto Viejo can get first hand advice in person. They appreciate my suggestions on where to go, what to do, what to avoid and how they can have fun on their own without the need of guides. I’ll also tell you where guides are necessary to keep you out of trouble.

For those considering a longer term stay in Costa Rica, I can help you understand more about the people, the culture and how that might impact the lifestyle you are looking for. I can also help you determine what part of Costa Rica would suit you best. What kind of climate do you prefer? Do you like the beach, the mountains or maybe both? Do you want to learn Spanish or would you like to be in an area where English is spoken? What kind of socializing / cultural events are you interested in?

What kind of amenities do you require? There is so much that makes up the life we want to lead. I can help you explore what Costa Rica has to offer and see what fits.

Phone consultation, in advance of your plans can prevent you from making costly mistakes. Personal advice from someone who’s been there, done that, made mistakes and learned from them gives you a real advantage.

My consultation service has developed due to people’s need to talk to a real person who will give them an unbiased perspective and honestly answer their questions. When you talk to someone, when you can hear their voice and get their immediate, unrehearsed response to your questions. You can tell if they are genuine and sincere. You can detect their motives in the tone of their voice and body language and decide if you think they are giving you advice with your best interest – not theirs – at heart.

I speak as honestly as I can. Many people have told me they perceive that through my writing.  I admit it, when I do not know the answer. My personal interest is to make a living, just like most everyone, but my higher, more spiritual interest is to help make the world a better place. My book If She Can Do It, So Can I encouraging everyone to follow their dreams, fulfills my spiritual interest. To make a living I offer a Guide Service and a nice place to stay at my Guest House. I cannot help but be influenced by my love for this beautiful country, but I try to look at things through the eyes of my client and if I think you would not be happy here, I’ll tell you so. I believe I can benefit others by giving honest advice based on the needs and desires of each individual I speak with. We all want to be happy. Living in Costa Rica has made me happier than I can put into words! Perhaps it will do the same for you. Let’s talk!


PHONE CONSULTATION – You have two choices, payable through Pay Pal.

1. $50.00 per hour

2. $150.00 for telephone and email consultation package – 2 hours phone consultation, 3 discussions by email.

EMAIL CONSULTATION – $50.00 consultation = 3 – 5 emails.

PERSONAL CONSULTATION: meeting in Puerto Viejo is $50.00, payable by cash.

NOTE ON OTHER SERVICES: For inquiries about my guide service I would love to talk to you, free of charge.