Fun at the Waterfall

Costa Rica Bri Bri

Bri Bri Boy on Horseback

      Costa Rica waterfalls are enchanting. On my first visit to Costa Rica ten years ago, a friend took me to the waterfall. Upon my return I was compelled to find it again. Since then I have been bringing friends and guiding clients there as often as I can. And sometimes I go alone, for a day of quiet serenity in nature. The Caribbean jungle is exotic and magical. The water is medicinal. And the falls create an exciting tropical adventure on every visit.

      This waterfall is near Volio, a countryside village just outside of the town of Bri Bri. I’m told there are 11,000 indigenous people living up in the surrounding moutains. Bri Bri is a small town named for the local indigenous. You often see them on horseback or walking the falls road, heading up to their mountain homes from town.

It’s a pretty, half hour drive from my place in Puerto Viejo, up to the path where you hike in. You walk a dirt road to a jungle path and cross the river several times along the way.

2 copy
This photo was taken after some heavy rain. You can see the erosion and the milky color of the water – usually it looks clear to the bottom.

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After a fifteen minute walk, you leave the dirt road and go down on to a jungle trail, crossing the stream in a few more places. The muddy path and the mossy rocks in the stream can be precarious. I often step aside for the local kids who were born and raised in the jungle. They scurry like squirrels, on ahead. I take my time and be sure to have a good footing before I proceed.
5. River Crossing 4 copy
  This is the last place you cross before the falls. I call it the Waterslide Falls. You’ll see why.

Now the course narrows a bit, but the path is always clear to see. You’ll find steps and hand rails here and there, installed by Costa Rica guides for the convenience of their customers. But this is, by no means, a developed and regulated park like you have in North America. The most risky points have no guard rails or warning signs. And of course there are no advisories against snakes and bullet ants. You just have to be careful. You are in the wilderness.
I like that. There are risks everywhere, even crossing the street. We simply choose the ones we are willing to take and avoid those that seem unwise. In Montana there are grizzly bears. I used to live near Glacier National Park where there are a million warnings and regulations to help keep people safe, yet almost every summer you hear of a mauling in the park. And although you can admire from afar, its gorgeous waterfalls, you can’t just go jump in. You might get hurt. You might sue the park. We all know how that goes. Here in Costa Rica, you take the risk and responsibility but in exchange, you enjoy the great fun of freedom!

6. Waterfall Trail copy7 copy

I’ve been to these falls many times and each time they are different. Rocks roll, rains increase and logs divert the flow and in dry times the cascades diminish. Below are several examples. These are all the same falls, just different camera angles.
8. Arrival at the Falls copy

Waterfall in Dry Season10. Waterfall after heavy rains copy

12. My son in the falls shower copy
Here is what it’s like, having fun in the waterfalls!

11. Fun in the pool belwo the main falls copy13. Shower Under the Falls copy

14. Looking down from the pool at the main falls copy15. Lower pool below main falls copy
16. Bruce in the pool below main falls copy

We’ve gone as far as the Costa Rica tour companies take you. If you come with me, you might just be more adventurous and want to climb higher. The climb to the top of the main falls is short and simple, if you go slow and careful, like I do. Ill show you just where to step and how to hold on.

18. Narrow Trail to the top copy17. Climb to top of main falls copy<img

19. Arrival at top of main falls copy
20. Looking down from the Top copy

21. Looking Toward Edge of Falls copy22. First Pool copy

22a copy

23. Fun in the Pool copy

24. Water slide falls copy

These are the Waterslide Falls. The kids were daring enough to try them first, but adults can be kids, too.

30. Ready to go copy31. Kailani is brave! copy32. Kailani in water slide copy33. My Turn copy34. Sliding down the waterfall! copy

26. Maya in water slide copy

28. Kirk on the slide copy29. Leigh sliding copy

26. Maya in water slide pool copy

25. At the Spa copy

We finish off our day with a relaxing soak in the medicinal pools and natural jacuzzi. Life just doesn’t get any better!