What people are saying about the book!


“If you’re a baby boomer with some wanderlust, or someone who enjoys reading about adventuring, this is the audio book for you. This is an honest, entertaining, compelling, real account of Lisa’s adventures, struggles and joys as she plunges into living her dream in the “now” in Costa Rica. A great resource for anyone who is thinking about moving to Costa Rica or any kind of change in life.” – Patti from Virginia

“I think you have amazing talent and I’m very impressed with what you have done. I am a big time entrepreneur so I recognize talent when I see it. I also have a little crush on your sexy voice!” – Gary from Arizona

“We love the audio book. It brought back memories of when we first came here.” – Carol from Playa Zancudo

“I have decided that listening to the audio is even more enjoyable than reading! Now I have your voice in my head… “Larry from Texas
I told Larry to watch out, that could be dangerous –
Tell your wife to guard the chocolate!

“Lisa is totally on to something here. Life is beautiful and can always be reinvented to make it even more so. Lisa not only tells her reinventing oneself story, she takes us right along with her for the ride! Way to go, Lisa! Motivating to listen to.” – Diane from California


“I think the eBook is so professional….amazing job….I love the cover picture and the balanced combination of text and great photos. I think it’s great! It’s very, very user friendly and so easy to read and enjoy.” – Patricia from Athens, Greece

“What makes her writing so endearing is the extent to which she is candid, vulnerable, and disarmingly open. Her style is delightful, refreshing, and reflective of both an outer and inner journey. So many Gringos are asking: “Well, tell me, what is it really like to live in Costa Rica?” Lisa answers that question with an engaging charm. She does not just paint a rosy colored picture postcard image of Costa Rica, nor does she portray a disenchanted picture of all the frustrations of trying to adapt to a new culture and language. Lisa maintains an optimistic ‘can do’ attitude throughout—calling upon her resourcefulness to guide her through the challenges of this uncharted adventure.” – Christen from Vermont

“I got the book on Friday night, stayed up late and read most of it then. I woke up early the next morning, excited to read the rest, so I got in the tub and read more until it was time to go to the farmers market to shop. I took what I hadn’t read with us and read more on the way! As soon as we got home I finished it all.
I learned a lot about Costa Rica without even having to go there. I felt like I WAS there!
I like the way you look at life…it’s similar to how I see things. Some of the things you wrote sounded as if I was the one writing! I’m 48 and have two grown children. I also have felt that I was abandoning my family by going for my dreams….
I felt like I went on a Costa Rica journey with the way you told your story…it captivated me with interest of what would happen next. The way you write is beautiful…it’s descriptive and let’s one into your spirit…I could see how you see things and that was beautiful. Your style of writing speaks from the heart. I feel like I met a like minded spirit with reading your work and would love to meet you in person some day.” –
Kate from Hawaii

“My reaction to your writing is based on my experience teaching writing in high school English and on one wonderful two-week trip to Costa Rica in 2004. I am especially impressed with your extraordinary writing voice, and I am certain that is why people react so positively to your writing. You are willing to address issues and life events that many authors avoid. This intellectual and emotional honesty in your writing is a tremendous gift to your readers who have empathetic hearts and reach out to other people. I have been touched by your writing in a special way and at a special time in my life, and I am extremely grateful to you. You have provided both affirmation of many of most important feelings and values and encouragement to take the somewhat scary steps to reform my life. Thank you!!!” – Clint from Texas