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What I’ve Learned Living in 8 Years Costa Rica

      I came to Costa Rica to live and be happy, bringing all the good advice I knew: “Be here now. Live in the moment. Don’t worry, be happy.” One can do that anywhere, but surely with more ease in a tropical paradise. What I found is that it’s not easy and you’ve got to live it to learn it. But don’t despair there is ample opportunity. In Costa Rica the lessons are unavoidable.
      Back in the “civilized world” life is organized and predictable. It tends to hum along on schedule, according to plan. In Costa Rica there is no plan – or if there was it is long forgotten, having been changed six times and then interrupted by a landslide, earthquake or traffic jam. If you don’t learn to relax you go crazy or you simply go home, back to wherever you came from. If you want to stay you’ve got to cultivate the right attitude.
      How do you see life – as something to create, prove and accomplish? Is it a series of challenges, each one bigger and more difficult than the last? Is it for you or against you? Is it a time of learning in preparation for the even better “next” life? Perhaps it is all of these things and yet none.       
      What if the purpose of life is simply to be lived? Imagine that! No need for constant stress and deliberation. No need to plan, control and figure it all out. Just live life and while you’re at it, enjoy the ride.
      “Hogwash!” you say, “That’s absolutely unrealistic.”
      Don’t think you can manage it? Give it a try. Better yet, like me, live someplace that compels you to.
Is Costa Rica the place for you?

Hola! I’m Lisa Valencia.

         In 2007 I left my life in the USA for the dream of a new life in Costa Rica. The desire to share my exciting life experiences in Costa Rica led to the discovery of my passion and talent for writing. This website is the result. In the left hand column, under “Stories of Life in Costa Rica” you’ll find my stories and reflections on life here in this tropical wonderland. My personal accounts give you all the information of a guide book and so much more. Here you have a window through which you can imagine your own life in Costa Rica.
          Among the features of this web site are GENERAL INFORMATION on Costa Rica, ADVICE for a visit or a move and VIDEOS to give you the feel of life in paradise.
          My readers’ requests for information and advice led to the establishment of a GUIDE SERVICE. I work with individuals in planning and guiding, to assure them a fantastic trip to Costa Rica.
          Are you ready for a life changing experience? My Change Your Life program can help you. Sometimes in life we are unhappy but we don’t know what to do. Changes are called for when we feel unfulfilled. A trip to Costa Rica can mean much more than a simple vacation. It can be the start of a new and better way of life. That’s how it was for me. In my new life in Costa Rica I’ve learned to live my dreams. I can show you how to do the same. Come for a visit and Change Your Life in Costa Rica!

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